Weight Loss Wednesday | 7.6.16

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I recently joined a gym with my boyfriend and was in need of some new sports bras. I didn’t want to spend too much money to I decided to check out Old Navy. They were having a sale that week so the store was a mess but I was able to get 2 sports bras at 20% off.




I these fix so cute and are very comfortable. I wore one to the gym today and felt like it gave me good support. But if you are top heavy I wouldn’t recommend these for working out.

I also wanted to share what I had for breakfast before I went to the gym. First thing I had was a Golden Kiwi, I picked them up at Costco. I heard it good to eat a kiwi on an empty stomach so I have been doing that. I will let you guys know how that goes. 

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Then I made a green juice. I don’t have a recipe I follow I just eyeball the amount that I put in. I feel like you should use your preference and put the fruit and whatever else you like in your juice. But what I used was Suja Mighty Greens, Wellsley Farms Tropical Blend, Bolthouse Farms Carrot Juice and a spoon full of the Pure Morninga. I picked all of these up at Costco expect the Pure Morninga, my boyfriends parents bought it, I’m not to sure where.

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So that is all for this weeks Weight Loss Wednesday. Be sure to follow me on snapchat to see what I do though out the week (nystyleofmind). I hope you guys enjoyed to this post, I look forward to sharing more with you guys.

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