Mani Monday: White On The Spot

Since I love doing my own nails and change my nail color at least once a week I figured I would started doing a MANI MONDAY blog post. So for this week I am wearing White On The Spot by Milani, it is a high speed fast dry formula. On the bottle it says it is a one coat formula that dries in 60 seconds. It does dry fast, I don’t know if it is 60 seconds because I didn’t time it. Also I used 2 coats to get even coverage since my nails are pretty long. And for those wondering (since I get asked quite often) my nails are real.

In this picture I am wearing all ATRA NYC jewelry, except for the watch.

Overall I really like this nail polish, I have used it many times. It is great for when your in a rush since it does dry fast. You can pick up this color at your local drugstore such as CVS or you can order it online with the link below.
Hope you enjoyed this post, come back to see what I do next week!
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