Brunch Review: Bonefish Grill

If  anyone knows me they know I love to go to brunch. What’s better then being with friends and/or family enjoying great food and unlimited champagne. It’s always good times and laughs which is one of the main reasons I love to go. Since I have been to a few at different restaurants all over NYC, and often get asked about where I go and my favorite places I thought I’d start doing BRUNCH REVIEWS. If you have never been to brunch I highly suggest you try it at least once, and hopefully my brunch reviews will help you choose where to go.

So my first review will be on a new favorite at Bonefish Grill at the Rockville Center location in Long Island. I had first went to Bonefish for dinner with my two cousins a few years back when we were in Florida. At that time there were no locations in New York near us, so fast forward to now and my cousin Raphaëlle told me they opened one near her. So of course we had to go and that’s when we saw that they had brunch.

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They have have a brunch menu and you can also do a la carte. We chose to do the Endless Bubbles Brunch which is only $19.99! It comes with any entree on the brunch menu and unlimited Mimosas (orange juice and champagne) Passion Fruit Mimosas ( passion fruit juice and champagne) and Peach Bellinis, which is my favorite (peach purée and champagne). If you don’t like champagne drinks they also have a delicious Red Wine Blackberry Sangria. These are by far the BEST brunch drinks I have ever had at a “bottomless” brunch, each drink is made to order unlike some places that make them in bulk and just pour out of a container.

photo 3Now to the food, we ordered the Bang Bang Shrimp and the Cold Snap Fresh Ceviche as starters. The Bang Bang Shrimp is a must if you like shrimp or any kind of seafood. The ceviche comes in a bowl made out of ice which is pretty cool and it was good but doesn’t beat the ceviche from Pio Pio.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 2.25.34 PM

I ordered the Crème Brûlée French Toast with bacon on the side. It was on French bread I believe, it was different then any other French toast I had before. Overall it was good the fresh  made whipped cream was great and the bacon was ok I don’t like my bacon that crispy.

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Both my cousins ordered the Half- Pound American Kobe Beef + Egg Burger and added avocado, it also comes with house made chips or a side salad. It was very good and big they both only ate half, so if you have a big appetite or come with a guy he should get this.

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We ended with dessert me and my cousin Raphaëlle shared the Crème Brûlée and my other cousin Jennifer got Whipped Cream and Berries which isn’t on the menu but they made it for her.

photo 4-1

The service was great and every time we go back we try and get the same server. They packed up the rest of our food in containers and wrote the date on it which is convenient.

photo 2

Overall everything was great and I have been back since this first time. If you live in Long Island or will be near Rockville Center I definitely recommend going for brunch on Sunday. They are also open for lunch and dinner during the week.

Hope you enjoyed this post, comment below if you have been here or have place you think I should try.

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